I am a river – told you before,
you aren’t the tree
holding sands on the bank;
Not the pebble on my bed,
Nor the accompanying thunder
Or chasing clouds
Wonder, who you’re?

You were there with me
When I was an insolent brook
& loved to turn the world upside down
In brazen desire
To make my way
I know you were there Continue reading


So you have water eyes
brush of waving eyebrows
the lake of my rumination
– a mirror
that unsettle me

So you have the lips
that paint silence
on mine
with subtle impish smiles,
distance is our bondage
works well every time

Your neck – the horizon
past my blurred vision
failing over
your blond streaks
I look at you – forever

My surreal me
is a subterfuge of
rawness in calm,
yours too

& thus my letter
to you
always ends
a wayword dream