I look at you & I can keep looking at you
without tiring – and your eyes
they’re eloquent

they are calm now
but they soaked my shirt
& afternoon
we’ve both
been deserts

wave of your hair
& I look at you
not knowing
where I am going
on my tiny boat
all I know is
calmness has a destiny

I am looking at you
your poise
your melancholic silence
& heart wrenching soft cries
that echoed like screams in my ears

you too are broken
but I keep
looking at you
for you are yet to find out
how beautiful you’re

All the numbness
and those eyes
so tired
do my rain
drench you warm?

I think we both know
from a shivering rain
can be sometimes be warmer
than hug
but you’ve my all today

let’s not give it a name
for there can’t be one
as beautiful
as what I am looking at

The sound of a heartbreak ~ sadly I know it all to well


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