World@our feet


Our hearts have feet
& feet have hearts;
They aren’t humble-
get awry, tangled
& dance at the meters
of short lived emotions
– our life is a verse.

A sensual feast of
richness, in our arms;
a deep rise & fall
of heaving chests~
no performance’s equal
all those composed,
poised ones-
we defeat the world
at our feet~

Beads of sweat on your cheeks
are summer night rain;
the glow of pain
at our feet
a pool of lambent light –
our hopes aflame,
we brave the winds of sorrow
For we know,
It’s our dance, & we shall have it

Thank you for inspirations.
DimpleVerse – Sensual Feast
TLPoetry – Equal
MadVerse – Pools of lambent light
lunagemz – summer night rain
TheSmellOfWords – winds of sorrow ..


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