Open Letter #3

Then there are those days
It is never too late,
I open the door for you
For you to arrive
At the wings of night

You gave your heart to the moon
you can’t bring it back
& I gave up my freedom
To the howling gales;
We can do
Very little now
To win each other back.

Why do I feel – you’d come
to open invite of my arms?
& sneak in
through that
partly open door,
Just because the night
Is easy to elope with?

Darkness or not
You’re my
Queen flower
To bloom to fragrance
Of future memories
I preserve
Now, selfishly.

I don’t know if you would come
or ever,
but You see
Are such epicenter
Of hopes~

Dedicated two two beautiful Twitter prompts.

“future memories” #SableSwanV
“Epicentre” #DimpleVerse


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