Why I was in love with the moon?
Or, anything, ever?

Just because she let me be
The proud tuberose I am?
Forever alone?
Or, listened to my
Search for solace in the shadows
Waking up to the fear of silence

The breeze whispered your name
& I pressed my ear
To your intangible presence
As the dark, closed on distance

Shades concealed me to comfort
Before my lips parted,
Search for warmth – was never secret

Louder than the inner voice
I begged at my own door

Screamed in my own castle
Shattered my glasses
Till I knew

Freedom’s a door
that opens inside
& was in love with moon again

Something, that started as wordplay became the silence between us – it doesn’t haunt me – it fills the space in-between. Words – they’re so immensely powerful. Let them be our stars. This will be our poem – Always.


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