Finding mirrors

Don’t think – I won’t know, why you walked into the forest
I won’t call those footsteps fearless
Calm – yes; discarded your shoes a while ago –
Don’t think your feet bled any more;
I was never blind to the truth that
Your heart was at your feet,
Not so much of a secret
After they were crushed by boots
& men,
Now they levitate on the ancient path
Yet to be encroached by daylight

You walked on – and I know why
A reason
That defines itself,
You saw the shades from the magnanimous trunks
You smelt the rawest of petrichor
You had no reason to turn back
Faced away
From anything
You could hold on to

Yes, not even the dearest warmth
Of fabric,
Past your skin
You shed them off
All of them
Till you were beautiful as truth
Bold as wildflowers
& then, you saw her

The daughter of the mountains
A restless stream
On it’s path,
& bed of stones
For you to
The eloquence of freedom –
And you felt, you found your mirror
Didn’t you?

You arched back – on the pedestal
That was waiting
For you,
The fresh drizzles found your goosebumps,
& your alive pores
Like never before,
I’m sure, you didn’t see me
At least not yet

There were so many prying eyes
When you roamed
Like hyenas, & now
That you’ve nothing to hide
It has stopped-
No lurking eyes
& yet you don’t see me
Do you?

As you unfold your thighs,
you feel lost
In the warmth of your own compassion,
Your navel,
Now home to those trickling droplets~
As you softly part your lips,
That breathless kiss,
Punishing you
Till the end of the world

You won’t see me – not today
You’re yet to see me
I am not sight,
Or touch, to perceive
I am not whisper to wake up to
I am not a wander for your valley
I am not lost

You’ll find me
The day you find your mirror
& you won’t be the daughter of mountain
or I, magnanimous, virility of forest

Pic 2: Helena Wierzbicki – from @carnalverse prompt.


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