I am a river – told you before,
you aren’t the tree
holding sands on the bank;
Not the pebble on my bed,
Nor the accompanying thunder
Or chasing clouds
Wonder, who you’re?

You were there with me
When I was an insolent brook
& loved to turn the world upside down
In brazen desire
To make my way
I know you were there
When I ran past the
Drought hit villages
& abominable cruelty
You were there with me,
Thick base of mud
Bearing my crude identity
And mockery of dry leaves afloat

It’s an age old tale
That the river bends on it’s banks,
With time, meandering
Avoiding unpleasant faces
But why do I meet you
At every turn I take?

Deja vu is premonition
They say
I’ve never really cared
For it’s not death
That I fear overcoming
Than the mysteries of your eyes

Man & woman
We’re that yin & yang
Of untold & said
If we ever solved that?
Life would be as bland as the word

Inseminate me woman
Your fruits
Let’s play life – upside down


One thought on “Pretence

  1. Started off soft like quiet waters of the river, increasing with urge as if feelings once buried are finally breaking away, ending with intense passion that nobody could avoid. Read this again and again, loving it every time. 🌹

    Liked by 2 people

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