the anonymous night~

you, darkness, are my doomed destiny
I always fall

No, I don’t stumble
From that slippery slope
it’s a downhill slide
for me, in the end
I’ll only crash

No, I am not talking about
treacherous roads or hills,
that’s the
cliched metaphor
you’re used to, from men
gaping helplessly
about your sensual thighs
~ they are just that.

& while turned on
isn’t something to be ashamed of,
poor allegory is certainly not my hide out
Not tonight,
so there, I fall again,
at your feet

While your eyes are mist
I know a fire, when I sense one
& I don’t need to see
what volcanos you’re hiding,
hints are powerful
or, so is fuming tobacco
one step closer to death

Let’s save that longing
for words
we drink to death of charms
or fatal consummation of poetry


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