Mirrors spoke to me

If you say, “Not now”,
I will wait
Quietly, I am in no rush ~

My dream had a mirror that cracked
into thousand pieces
each, still good as mirrors,
reflected the world
on their own
& all of a sudden
I had thousand ways to see myself

The mirrors played with me
made me look
so many persona
in one countenance;
which one to choose?
How do they see me as one
when I am one in the crowd?

I stopped there and time flew
as a continuum,
The ocean
of my existense
boiling waves on the surface
waiting to smash
on the rocks
for answers.

Then came you,
a viva of horizon eyes,
took me under your wings
without hesitation
& I had the mirror
cracks filled
with molten tears
of my soul

I sank to very nakedness
at the end
of a tiring day,
my kneeling
as a healing
but I was one again

If you say, “Right now!”
I will smile at your feet
I am in no rush
Not anymore.



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