Come undone

Come Undone

Come Undone

One morning, a tiny bird
Came to my window, pecked the glass &
Said, “It’s raining, Can you let me in?”

The rain was so beautiful, soft surroundings
Washed the skyline to adorable smudges of colors
Making a new cityscape, busy but taking time off
To soak relentlessly, to perspire cold breeze
For a change; & warmth Of my armchair
had never been more enjoyable.

The bird was shaking water off her feathers
Her beaks stuttered, as she tried to speak
“Please let me in. It’s so cold out here.
I’ve none to love me. I’ll be your bird, forever.”

I watched the rain from my drawing room,
full glass to the west side of it &
Mourned for lost love, silently snatched to become stars
I begged, “Come undone, please keep raining
Even after the clouds have emptied their reserve”

Once the rain subsided, sunshine followed
The bird succumbed to eternal cold, & I didn’t see
For I spent the day watching rain from my window
Never having time to walk up to the kitchen

I could’ve opened the window and I didn’t,
Now all I can do is wait for it to rain again
For there’ll always be reasons to mourn
For best things you ever had.

Prompt Words Used:
#RavensVeil:Soft surroundings
#FieryVerse:Come undone
#PoemTrail:Silently snatched
#WrittenRiver:Keep raining
#AshVerse:Best thing you ever had


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