Some mornings I’m barren, volatile heart
Our memories run in lights and shadows
Amid Lilies reborn, sound of drizzle
Just when I’ve no word for you
All I need is to draw a warm bath

My happy cells dance eloquently
from the latte-art on your cup,
or, escape a smile on your lips
looking at mild-baked love cookie
Past vapors, brimming from coffee
a lambent glow revives your zeal.

The quiet before the storm
where we become the kiss,
tumultuous, breath emptying
endless penitentiary of our lips~
I borrow saturated hot gasps
from you, to kiss you till the end
of the world; till storm subsides
& we’re traveling back to our lake

Deep & peaceful – we’re mysteries,
tales waiting to be retold, freshly
brewing for each others warmth
We live to love, the world seems
to have forgotten, with time.

#PoemTrail:volatile heart
#DimpleVerse:lambent glow
#TheSmellOfWords:draw a warm bath
#SableSwanV:Just when
#HomoAquarious:Traveling again


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