Roses, in love

People do things for people they care for even if the world is burning


There are 365 nights~
Must be those many
Tempestuous ways
To wake you

Or, those many ways to
Put you to sleep
As at least
As many
To adorn you pearly white

Mine ~ is the word
We both say
when we claim
Our flower,
On the bed
The garden we choose
To bloom brightest

Waking you up isn’t difficult
There are at least
365 different rose petals on your body,

My very best is to find only one
every day
to send pleasure waves
in your chrysalis



The morning is calm, gentle
watching the blue envelop unfold
when we’ve
all the time
in the world, but we don’t

We have got alarms
mocking us,
Tug at blankets & panic rushes
hues lost,
dewdrops stomped on
when we are running

Then there are those
spirited aftermath mornings
Amid busy unruly urgent
Madness wake-ups;

Those days
still fresh from
the memoirs of touch of your skin
I glow a tiny bit
& You’ll never know
You do too~

In a crazy garden
We’re two hearts in tandem
No winners or losers~
We’re two rare roses
who bloom
Once in a while~

I don’t need to overdo joy
I want a swim in your river
Exasperate &
Adorably try to hide
Those soft flushes
We can’t really hide

Propmt Words Used
#Dimpleverse Tempestuous
#BentHalos wave
#ashverse my very best
#Madverse – Chrysalis

#Fierverse mocking
#TheSmellOfWords Aftermath
#HomoAquarius Blue envelope(s)
#RavensVeil Urgent
#beautifulMess You’ll never know
#WrittenRiver heart that understood
#MSpoetry winners & losers


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