Three mornings


How do I wake you up?
Lost and found
in your eyes

Take your caramel lips
Lick them wet, sloppy
Kiss the hell out of them

Till your arms find my back
your fingers take a dig
my morning, at your peril

It’s simple, really



The morning is calm
you’re my companion in tranquil
Besides the immortal lake,
We stand on the rocks
Facing our depth and breeze

You asleep in a cocoon next to me
we treasure our warmness
together, loving
more than life

Gentle drops of sweat accumulate
A bead, forming, trailing your valleys
I see the bosom of hills
I see the tiny lake of navel

In beauty, in tranquillity
in the first eye contact
our warmth subsided by storm
& we wake into wilderness
dancing our heart out


Then there are those mornings
I am afraid to wake you
those mornings
I leave a rose next to you
& walk away

No matter how beautiful you look
No matter how dying I am to kiss you
The snow white kiss has to wait
Till I become prince of your dreams

Charming ~ yes, chivalrous ~ yes
But a poignant mirror
To show you your beauty
To see you as you are

I walk away in naked silence
leaving no trail of dark intend~
Only if you pick the rose
& see the sage in me
I could be back from obscure
in a bolt of awareness

I’d be back to wake you up
Any morning you want
I am no prodigal sorcerer;
To stop loving you
isn’t an option
even in another world.

Prompt Words Used:

#RavesVeill – Lost and found
#TheSmellOfWords – at your peril
#MadVerse – cocoon
#AshVerse – Loving more than life
#RHYTHMIC_WORDS eye contact, dancing art
#beautifulmess – sorcerer
#DimpleVerse – Dark Intend, Bolt of awareness


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