Sacred lust of your name

How I would love to soothe your burning for me


We love mysteries
Moth to fire,
drawn towards what we won’t understand;
Exploring a young, untamed river
With a tiny hope-boat
& strong oar of will.

I met you, in a state of perdition
a melee of emotions
to claim your pristine
But you, lit a lamp, patiently
At peace with my unrest
and my boat found an anchor~

We are yet to anticipate
You and I
Can be the
long winding road
Short of eternity as we know it
Yet, sailing together, boat swaying
amid current, rains
& turbulent sea

You may be quiet in the morning
& yet I ache for you
You may be busy during the day
& yet I may burn for you
You may be at peace in the evening
& I may shiver for you
our poise is a balance

I want us to find
pleasure that is forgotten
truth of civilization,
consummate the macrocosm
of tangible earth~
drink tears that fill the void
with smoke from incense of our spirits

Sacred lust of your name
is my fragrance,
As is mine yours~
I know our boat will sail
Till we become the ocean

Prompt Words Used: Shameless, Long winding road, You & I, Anticipation, Perdition, Melee


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