Book of sensuality

I want to excite you so bad
that you’d have every pore

of your skin on fire;

I’d then want to calm you

so that you live the bliss

of lying down underneath

a bare starlit sky after

a truly scorching day~

I want to touch your nipples
so that you body stirs
as a string instrument;
your spine sings as a harp
You be my goddess of oozing sensuality.

Your breasts are mountains that
wait for me to mold them
shaped to my hands,
to my needs, to my longing
to your softest gasps,
You’re my goddess, so fearless
like your nipples, awakened.

Your spirit reins my mind throne
a pedestal in my mind palace
a goddess who knows destiny of my hands
is to worship her to orgasm
an orgasm, that is much needed to unite US
Yes, I want you crazy past modest
Rattled by intrusion of vulnerability.

No veils, no shades, no taming the unruly
As you are, the tale of wonders
No other book so long
for men to read, is written
After the finest of epics, so alive a truth.


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