Raven’s cry

hangmans-tree-2We lived in a village
on the hill,
grew up
watching a dead tree
known as
the hangman’s tree

Such an uncanny name
it was, for
nobody knew
if anyone was
really hanged from it

We had a folklore
about two lovebirds,
a naive maiden &
an elderly spiritual man
who were too cursed
to be together
after they
found love

The local church
still bears
his reliquaries
how he spread peace
in the valley
but succumbed
to a bullet~

She was taken away
by the assailants
& her people
gave up searching
at some point,
her remains
were never found

As tears dried up
the village
forgot them
but a tree,
they confided love to,
mourned them & withered

We still hear
a raven’s cry
Reminds us
Love was hanged
Right here
& our fear
transcends in hope.


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