Painting you ~

Now that you’ve said
I can & will
make you
my canvas
Not just a canvas
but my spirit of colors
liberation of all
primordial fears
I will pour myself
into painting you
the truest woman
the goddess of sensuality

Starting with a flower
on the base of
your mound
blue & white
with leaves
intertwined wines
climbing up your torso
wrapping you
till the buds
around nipples

A moon on your neck
on your feet,
stars on your back
to a mystic
route on
your derriere
and the rest
of your canvas
adorned with words

I will shape
wildest of
my dreams
into one art form
& then more
so alive
on you
with you
& you
will be mine
in more than one

Forest of my lust
Freedom of my sky
Soul of my river
my goddess
will rein

My woman

Tagged to #TLPoetry “Woman” Prompt


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