You’re not here

You’re not here
& there’s no sun
in my sky
I am too weak
to succumb
to sadness
simply because you’re
not here.

silhouette-1Have you
ever wondered
how two people
meet & find
their way
to their hearts
as if ~ the road
was already there?

Have you wondered
how the
world around
could melt
& you see no one
but that person
because you
were destined
to be with?

I am sure you have
& there’s no
not to believe
you fill my light
with life
For, you do
an embrace
that stays in my arms
even when you are gone

I wake up from
the morning
if your lips
& drown
with the dark
of your hair
I am an explorer
of your valley

I can’t wait
a moment
to have you
right here,
right now
but still I do
with a bleeding
heart, because
that’s the only way
to get you back



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