Sunset kiss

sunset_beach_29243Let me take your hand
and let you feel
what you’re standing on
isn’t marble floor
but a wet bed of wet sand

Suddenly you feel the lick of
cold ocean, on your feet
and you shiver
for your feet is bare
and then there is this breeze

It is  calm but it is also
waving your hair
which is when you see
the foray of colors
azure can hold
in the warmest of sunsets

then you feel
the breeze is
pacing up,
moving against
your midriff is
bare, all the same
making you crave
the kiss of lost sun
which would set
any moment now

you need to act
before it sets
all the way
and it is too late to kiss

you’re not there yet
but I know you’d forget
you held my hand
to reach the shore
in the first place.


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