Near & Far


She’s a distant prize
yet lips burn
for a vehement kiss

she ain’t mine
yet attraction
fatally germinates

a perilous road ahead~

A pub
off the cliff
facing the cold, roaring north sea

a table for two half empty-
& rocks of ice
on whiskey
floats like memoirs

You are quite a strange
yet your eyes – inquisitive

A subtle nod
as you absorb my words
like breathing – and I
your silence

Poetry is the story
that binds
out mellow afternoon

invisible, intangible
yet quite strong a bond

Your entirety is a canvas
and my love
a brush
painting a world
of our own

your entirety is a sky
and my passion
white light
smearing foray of colors
into canopy

never stop to surprise me
your entirety
pulls me back
to cradle of life


Will you ever know
how I search
for you
among faces of strangers?

Will you ever know
I talk
to still water
to see you in my past?


You look into my eyes
& my lairs exfoliate

You hold my hand
& oceans roar inside

Lips lean closer
& our
secret juices overflow

We turn back
to one another
& walk
& walk away

only to realize
all roads
meet somewhere

wings of destiny
binding us


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