Subtle Sub Tales~4


You give me wings
of desire
and soul of a bird

I step up to take off
But can’t,
Not today

My heart
at best
is still your captive

Need is highly inflammable
Soft cream
on your lush lips
is my lust

Sweat trail – my need
to adorn you
with my seeds

You tease
and I erupt.
It’s simple

You are my liquid lust
your contour
even in shilouettes
sets me on fire

Taste molten eagerness
from my lips
Don’t yelp
for the distance
between us
moan or cry softly

We are destined
to go
deeper than this

Breath with me, sweat with me
in a tumultuous mess-
Squeal from my firm grip

Mind races our feet
As we walk
we plunge into
lewd wilderness

That whispering moment
speaks volume
and touch is a spark

Our bodies moving together
in a wave
along the ocean

we both know
losing ourselving
is the key to finding

What connects us~


Part 3 here. Inspired from #DsubVerse Prompts on Twitter.



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