Brutal, cold-hearted
nude ever painted
– Truth, I know you
by many names.

My rich baritone
and your
ocean-like folklore
Form the perfect choir

Voice of our heart

All of us have wings
We can just
shake our feathers
and take off

The bird is trapped
in our rib cage
We listen
to the fluttering
of wings in our spasms

It’s a flight of faith

Hate is an empty room
Fills you up
with nothingness

expands to become
An ethereal fume

Heartstrings are precious
Don’t warp them
Pour some love
While you can

We may be ocean apart
yet not far
or sitting next to each
and not hold hands

truly we write our distance

A moment of stillness
A destiny
of short-lived mysteries

Unspoken love.

I see a rich earth
and thick droplets
raw blemishes

yet deep down
it reminds
how thirsty Im
before absorbing your kiss

A song is more than
what we’re told it is

If you have to
Sing your song
Find your own chords

& discover words
to resonate with

Fear is my frost
Cold, rigid
and runs faster
along my senses
than I like to admit

Scars heal, but
sadness is
a river
of perpetual waiting

Inspired from several micropoetry prompts on Twitter


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