She was daunted every time her phone blinked at the arrival of a new message. She felt he was somewhere close and watching her. How else he could know her exact feelings?

He asked her a few days back, “Must be difficult for you to stay calm, when you read my messages and feel the whole world moving, must be difficult considering you work in a room full of men.”

She shuddered at the possibility that this unknown man, sending all those intimate notes to her, bore a striking similarity with someone she knew. Then he wrote about her bedroom, how she loved to cross her legs and wonder. How she loved to sip her wine and confide her thoughts in scribbles. He could almost say when she was wet with indecent happiness.

As much as his messages ruffled her – more and more fear crept in. She deleted all his messages one day. There was no way to be sure if he was just a man with good imagination.



One thought on “Bare

  1. He could have been just a man with a great imagination, but he could get to her, he could get to her innermost feelings and needs. And yes, she had a life beyond the messages, and whenever she got another one, she knew who it was from and shuddered, even having her duties to be fulfilled her mind wandered. There was no way to avoid it. By deleting his messages, she erased half of her life too.


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