Miss me


Miss me
like that
in your mirror
who watches you dress
slips his hand
through the hem of your skirt
making you shiver

miss me like
tobacco smell and
unwanted sweat
turned body salts
at your armpits,
deliciously licked~

miss me
like that
thin air
between your inner
in your loneliness

miss me like
window pane
that took
the train of thoughts
out in the open

miss me like
seeds of mine
left and
deserted in you,
written off

miss me or not
you know
at the
bottom of your heart
that I am with you
in some form
or the other

and then breath me in;
my soul
is in the air


I am linking this poem to Dversepoets pub – an amazing community of writers.



16 thoughts on “Miss me

  1. So much passion in this… the smells and scents… so much we miss when it comes to scent… Like that you took it to those smell that are passionate like sweat,… and not pretend that it is a rose… Yes this is what I would miss too.


  2. I admire the romantic verses, nothing overly done ~

    And I thought the concluding lines are perfectly penned :

    and then breath me in;
    my soul
    is in the air


  3. Yes, ‘soul in the air’ the linger of a love shared and indulged in so sensually… Enjoyed this read very much – thank you…


  4. well, well, well…

    three holes in the ground
    somehow i could not help
    but notice this piece
    was an elliptical completion
    an orbit, tide and combed ends…

    damn, i use too many words…
    good foray, you…


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