Subtle Sub Tales~2


“Neither mine to give
or yours to take,
It’s the hot breath
Wrinkles of sheets
Cold sweat salt
& music of heartbeats
to give in”

Wounded she dawdled
Till she surrendered heart
At His feet
and solace found her.

Whenever He asked
“How do you feel about submission?”
Her smile spoke for herself
in subdued eloquence
– “I have no words”.

“Invite me to the shackles
so my feet
could brush
the cold floor of your dungeon.
Tie me up
spread me as wide as a cross
Stretch me till the freedom of choice
Write shiver on me”,
She screamed silently.

Beyond lubed walls
she puckered, ‘You stretch me too much!’

‘A wee bit more’,
He grinned.

He wasn’t even halfway in.

flushed cheeks
Fingernail marks
& smeared makeup,
Abysmal depth of your eyes
Lead to our little secret.


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